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Prof PA Varghese
Motivational Speaker And Trainer In Kerala - Both In English And Malayalam

Early Childhood

Prof PA Varghese, was born in Cheranalloor in 1950 to below poverty Line parents. His early and late childhood was spent in the village with his parents in utter poverty. He somehow completed matriculation and got fairly good marks as he was good in Maths and science subjects. The young Prof PA Varghese used to weave bamboo mats before going to the school and after coming. He started the work when he was just five and he soon became extremely good in weaving mats. During the summer, Onam and Christmas vacations he would weave bamboo mats from dawn to dusk. He never got any opportunity to play with the boys and girls of his age nor to socialize with them. Prof PA Varghese, as a boy, had to go the Catholic Church every Sunday and Saturday and he got indoctrinated in the Catholic dogma from an early age.

Joins the Seminary

Prof PA Varghese was put into Catholic Ernakulam diocese’s Petit Seminary in 1967 to become a priest. His parents could not afford him university education and hence could not send the young boy to college. In the seminary Prof PA Varghese studied Latin, English, etiquette, religions and Catholic liturgical practices. He started studying English with right earnest from his first year in the petit seminary. He listened to BBC broadcasts in English and read anything in the language he could lay hands on. His English was Fast Improving. .After one year of initial studies in the petit seminary, Prof PA Varghese was sent to the college to do pre-degree in St Albert’s college, hardly a kilometre from the seminary. He passed Pre-Degree with the highest marks in the college. On completion of the three year course in the petit seminary, Prof PA Varghese was sent to the major seminary in Alwaye to undergo ecclesiastical philosophy course. In the seminary he really tried to be like Jesus Christ and became a model seminarian. Prof PA Varghese was getting the highest marks in all the subjects among the aspirants from 18 dioceses. The rector was from Spain and he noted the language abilities in the young Prof PA Varghese and the learned priest asked the youngster to write at least one page in English each day which the boy assiduously followed. He was becoming extraordinarily good at the language. Prof PA Varghese also started concentrating on English pronunciation and in a few years he became very good at it too. He could write in English very well by the time he was twenty one. Prof PA Varghese also read avidly the philosophical and religious books in the seminary and also some of the books forbidden to the seminarians in the sly.

Speculations on Life

Prof P.A Varghese, as an youngster started speculating on human life. Before soon, he was convinced that religions and gods were created by early humans as they did not know the intricacies of life and the workings of nature and that of the universe. As he could not agree with the Church doctrines, he planned to say good-bye to the seminary and priesthood and to go to a city where he could pursue further studies and lead his own life. While he was in the second year in the major the seminary Prof PA Varghese left the seminary early morning one day and went to Trivandrum and with the help of some Catholic priests, he became a part time tutor for CBSE school students there. The very next year he joined civil engineering degree course in Trivandrum College of engineering and managed to meet the expenses by taking tuitions for students in their houses. Making both ends was really tough and sometimes Prof PA Varghese had to struggle. He completed the four year course with distinction and very high marks in 1975.

Early Career as an Engineering Teacher

Prof PA Varghese was appointed as Maths teacher in Loyola English medium ICSC School by the Principal who was a Canadian Jesuit priest. Prof PA Varghese was later appointed as lecturer in TKM engineering college in Kollam in the civil department. He taught Construction Management, Survey and other civil engineering subjects there for about 8 years. His impromptu lectures were appreciated by the students and he loved his work in the college although the pay at that time was meagre. His interest in Construction Management took him to field work and he went abroad to manage large civil projects. Prof PA Varghese rejoined the college later but he again took up positions abroad in a UK company and spent 8 years in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Muscat etc working for the British companies. It was during this period that Prof PA Varghese did post graduation in Human Resource Management from Pondicherry University. He also got self- coached in behavioural sciences, NLP and Silva Mind Control Methods attending a number of short term courses.

Becomes A Renowned Motivational Speaker In Kerala

Prof. P.A.Varghese has been giving inspiring speeches from his seminary days (since he was 20 years old). He is born with the public speaking ability. In the Trivandrum Engineering College, he was the 1styear representative and during the second year he gave electrifying speeches as he stood for University Union Councillor. In TKM Engineering College it was his job to take classes and he was often called to speak in functions outside and to be chief guest.
From 2001 he devoted himself to training and giving highly motivational speeches to students, teachers, parents, and managers. He was invited to give talks in Asianet, Surya, Govt channel, Jeevan and appeared as guest in Kairali TV. Jeevan TV’s motivational speeches have been widely appreciated.
Prof. P.A. Varghese has been conducting public speaking and motivational speaking classes in various hotels of Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai and Gulf. Many participants have become effective speakers and they are grateful for the timely help extended. Of late, Prof. P.A.Varghese has been invited by various organizations to give motivational talks to the general public. He is born to be a public speaker and he enjoys it thoroughly.

Starts Writing Books

As he became better and better in his vernacular, he started writing his views on personality development and they were compiled into a book. DC books of Kottayam published his first Malayalam book on young students’ development. Prof PA Varghese had self-published a book, ‘Your Destiny’ but it did not yield him much returns. But his Malayalam books began to be received very well. Mathrubhoomi, H&C, NBS- Lipi and Green Books- all leading Malayalam publishers started publishing his works. In 10 years Prof PA Varghese wrote 29 self help books and they were all huge successes. During this period Prof PA Varghese wrote extensively in the internet sites in English and he began compiling some of them into books. Sura Books- Chennai published his first English book, ‘Control Your Thoughts and Better Your Life.’ It was an average success. He also self-published two books in English: “Develop Your Memory” and “Develop Your Bain.” These were largely distributed in his motivational seminars. Later, Atlantic publishers did a book of Prof PA Varghese: “Will I win?” Pusthak Mahal –New Delhi--published three books of Prof PA Varghese. One of them, “365 Ways to bring change in your Life” went well. “Success through Positive Thinking” was a moderate success. “100 Prescriptions That Will Change Your Personality” was a success too. Altogether Prof PA Varghese has written over 35 books on self help subjects-7 in English and the rest in Malayalam. He is still writing in periodicals and has a few columns in magazines which are generally appreciated. Prof PA Varghese is leading a life of truth and he is, like the advanced people of the world, irreligious with atheistic tendencies.

Believes in Capitalism & Hindu Suffering

He is an advocate of capitalism and market economy. He also believes each one can go up in life if she/he wants to. Prof PA Varghese is a totally self-made man and his life is his message. Prof PA Varghese has been impressed with the Non Violent democratic attitude of the Indian Hindus who respect others and never try to convert the followers of other religions into Hinduism. Hindus have been persecuted during the last one thousand years or more and in the opinion of Prof PA Varghese they suffered most, may be even greater than the Jews. They were conquered, their temples destroyed, their lands confiscated, their women raped and men forcibly converted with the effect that today they have been pushed into the Indian landmass and the other former Hindu areas have become Islamic. Even in India they suffer in the states where they are minority. Being not organized they don’t indoctrinate their children and they fall prey to marauding Christian missionaries and Islamic converters. He writes extensively on this subject.

Manager, CEO & Philanthropist

Prof PA Varghese has been the GM and CEO of two building conglomerates in Kerala apart from his stint as Construction Manager abroad. His work has always been appreciated and he was praised for his integrity, honesty and hard working nature. Prof PA Varghese always found time for social work and he was awarded “Melvin John’s Fellow award” by Lions Club International, USA. He is active in Social Media Sites and many of his posts have become viral. Widely travelled abroad, Prof PA Varghese takes care of the cultural and social traits of the advanced and the developing societies. Prof PA Varghese’s training sessions have been widely appreciated and many consider Prof PA Varghese to be a leading motivational and inspiring Speaker and a dynamic personality. He is a renowned trainer, speaker and coach. He is a highly-sought-after resource person in educational and professional institutions big and large, and small to medium to big business houses. He is also active in non-profit organizations, community sectors, looking to expand his social activities. He believes we can achieve anything in life including super health at any age and if started early on, we can stay without medicines.
Prof PA Varghese believes that we are responsible for our lives. There is no pre-destiny; nothing is written on our forehead. Anyone can make his life better, more fruitful and all of us can make more money than required. It may not be possible to climb to the very top like the great people-scientists, presidents, prime ministers, artists, business tycoons etc. but there is nothing limiting us to a lowly or mediocre position in life. Many of them are born with great talents, riches or fame. But there is no meaning in being jealous or envious –that is the way life plays the game. Let us be smart like the majority who have attained success on their own from lowly homes.
Prof PA Varghese is willing to listen to others’ problems, -irrespective of their present status or occupation –and coach them up, change their perception, body language and attitude so that they become better and more capable persons. Prof PA Varghese is determined to do a lot of help to all to lead a healthy and long life. He thinks he has given equal time and effort to the health issues like he did to the general success line.
What others pay him is immaterial when they approach him at a personal level with a pre-booking. Whatever they give will be accepted and the same will be utilized for further charitable work. Prof PA Varghese is determined to do a lot of help to all to lead a healthy and long life. He has always found time to help the less fortunate, educate the uneducated and lead the youth along the correct tracks of life. Whatever profit he makes from training programs will simply go to help others realize their potential.
Prof PA Varghese often reminds his audiences: all of us can improve our financial, professional and personal lives. We can invest in our kids so that they attain definite success in life too. It is his sincere intention to help all realize that they can go to a higher destiny with desires, thoughts, attitude, body language, persistent work and beliefs.

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